Assurance and Attestation Services

Audit of financial statements helps the businesses and its stakeholders, by not only providing a true and fair view of the financial positions and operational results, but also adds value in the form of acting as a guiding force for keeping the financial accounting and reporting processes up to the mark and in confirmation with prevailing regulatory requirements. Further, it is mandatory in India to get accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant for certain entities like Companies, LLP, etc. and some other entities depending upon prescribed conditions.

Audit Services

GSAP provides robust audit services which includes:

  • Statutory Audit as per the Companies Act/LLP Act
  • Tax Audit as per 1961, Income Tax Act
  • Internal Audit, through which we provide assurance on, the adequacy of internal controls, adherence to policies and procedures, robustness of systems, processes and risk management system, integrity of financial and operating information etc.
  • Special purpose audits, for the specific areas/requirement stated by management or regulators e.g. CSR audit, IT systems etc.
IFRS /Ind-AS advisory

Where applicable, we carry out reviews and provide an impact analysis of reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS). We also ensure that reporting requirements are adequately met.

Attestation services

Whenever required by our clients, we also provide attestation services.