Accounting and Business Support Services

GSAP partners with our clients and help them in simplifying their regular financial and accounting processes with a range of accounting and business support services so that they could take attention off accounting and can concentrate on business and expansion.

Financial accounting

GSAP assists our clients in the maintenance of books of accounts in accordance with the applicable rules and regulation in India, as well as with international reporting norms.

Payroll administration

We assist in setting-up and maintenance of employee payroll and its timely processing with accuracy.

Secretarial and regulatory Compliance

We assist in regulatory compliances (like registration and filings with PF authorities, Registrar of Companies, etc.) and advise on critical issues related to corporate laws, regulatory policies and relevant compliances.

Compliance diagnostics

Under compliance diagnostics we conduct comprehensive checks and analysis of your business processes to identify compliance gaps, risks exposures and suggest measures to mitigate such risks. This helps in building up corporate governance systems and provides comfort to the Management, Board of Directors, Shareholders and Auditors.

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFOs are professional experts who provide strategic advice and support in strengthening of financial and accounting controls, compliance, common cost management and control system, early book closing and other important functions using financial planning and analytical.
Concept of Virtual CFO is prevalent in recent years, and serves specifically to the needs of Startups and entities which are in their early stages of existence in India and need to cut costs.